If you are an entrepreneur, mentor, freelancer or a community partner looking to become a member, we offer several options for access to the space and amenities.

All passes include access to the amenities: Full 24/7 secured access, High-speed internet powered by PSC, Craft coffee,  Print/Copy, Programming and events



SUPPORTERI like what you’re doing, but I don’t need a place to work! — $10 monthly — $100 annually
DAY PASSI just need a place to work for the day! — $10 daily
WEEK PASSI’m needing to call Current Blend home for a week! — $20 weekly
STUDENTI’ve got a valid student id! — $25 monthly — $250 annually
SIDE HUSTLERThis is my 5-9 and weekend gig, and I just need to work then! — $25 monthly — $250 annually
FULL-TIMEI’m spending all my time on this pursuit! — $50 monthly — $500 annually
MEETING RENTALI would like to have a meeting of up to 7 people for up to 4 hours! — Please inquire for rates

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When would you like to start your membership?
We generally need at least 24 hours of notice to get you properly set up.